Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Rose of Sharon

It is getting harder to find blooming flowers nowadays, but these beautiful white rose of Sharon burst into bloom after we had two warm days of weather.  Some mornings, our temperature was in the 30s, we also had thick fog, and chilly rain.  It was very unpredictable.

I took these photos last week, now all the green leaves have turned brown and yellow.  There were still many buds on this plant, but I'm pretty sure they will just remain buds.

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  1. Gorgeous...super beautiful! Such a unique bloom..wonderful !

  2. You managed to find a pretty white flower. I have a few roses blooming still. ♥olive

  3. A pretty name for a lovely flower. Glad you're still finding some blooms even with your chilly unpredictable weather. :D

  4. We have flowers all year long where I live in Southern California, but the hibicus will be fading here soon as well. They rest over the winter.

  5. How pretty. They look a bit like hibiscus.

  6. Gorgeous. I need to plant a rose of sharon someday.

  7. What beautiful pictures. I love the flower.

  8. Very pretty perfect white. Minehas buds, but very few leaves. lol

  9. We always appreciate the first and last blooms of the season the most!

  10. What beautiful pics! I have never seen a flower like this, but it is beautiful.

  11. The white Rose of Sharon is gorgeous, beautiful macros Icy. I am amazed at the number of flowers I am seeing in bloom right now but they will be gone soon.

  12. Oh, that is just breathtaking, Icy and with the composition of that mosaic it's even more outstanding.


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