Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book Club Magic

This guest post from Lewis Beck

I met Kim at a book club. Neither of us had been before, and we were both unsure of the group. A friend had recommended it to me, but didn't know much about the books they read.

Ten minutes in, I was desperate to leave. It wasn't the fun sort of book club, instead they were reading the type of books I always think English Lit grad students read: old, dull, thick. Across the circle of chairs I saw a head nodding. At first I thought it was nodding in agreement. Then I realized the woman wasn't agreeing, she was trying to stay awake!

When the group finally took a break, the other woman, Kim, and I made our escape. We weren't ready to go home yet, for her it was adult time away from the kids, for me an attempt to meet new people. A coffee shop, we decided.

Kim and I must have talked for two hours that afternoon. Finally we both had to go. We decided, though, to meet regularly at that same coffee shop and discuss books we actually like. I live nearby, but not in the best neighborhood, so I always set my home security alarm (Adt security specials California) before heading out. If our "meetings" run too late, she gives me a ride home. It works out great for both of us.

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  1. I tried a book club with some of my colleagues at work. Most of the books they chose, I just didn't care for at all. Your chance meeting with Kim sounds perfect. Even one kindred spirit who shares your love for similar books is perfect and I'm sure those meetings and discussions are much more meaninful than the others would have been.

  2. That was funny. I can imagine those dull book club moments. I can't stand them, even though I love books.
    Good thing you had company to leave with. Sometimes it can be hard to walk out on your own.

  3. Great guest post.
    I love books but my tastes are not the same as most folks I know, I don't think a book club would be for me either.

  4. Congrats for the Guest Post. This is something we burnt-out bloggers always look forward to. wink*


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