Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Art of Christmas Lights

Guest post written by Keith Welborne

I really do think that when it comes to decorating your house with Christmas lights that you have to have a lot of taste to make sure that your lights look tasteful instead of tacky. I think that just driving around and looking at neighborhoods filled with Christmas lights will surely tell you that.

So I like to put up lights, but enough to where my it accentuates my home instead of take it over. I was online with my Clear tv bundle a few weeks ago ordering some replacement lights for some of my decorations, when I saw some lights that are supposed to be more energy efficient. i thought that that would be a great way to combat our extremely high power bill during December, so I bought some of them.

Now I didn't buy enough to replace all of my outdoor Christmas lights. I'm going to test them and see how they look in comparison to all of the other lights I already have and decide if IŐll want to buy more to replace all of my lights.

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  1. I guess, because I'm not really decorating this year, I really am paying attention to what everyone is doing. I've seen some really gaudy displays and some I think are just beautiful I guess, after all, though, it's up to the person whose home it is, to please himself and his family first! If he feels pleasure in his dispplay and it delights his children, I guess no real harm is done. After all, we each have our own taste in things.

  2. This is a great post. I just started putting decorations up. I don't like them to take over either.

    CA Johnson

  3. I have to consider the cats when I decorate. I use a small table top tree as a larger one would be too much temptation.


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