Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ice On Little Branches

Just want to show you some beautiful ice I saw on these little branches! Very ordinary, but with macro, they look quite amazing to me.


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  1. I wish you 12 months of happiness, serenity 52 weekends, 365 days of love, peace of 8760 hours, 525600 minutes of success, 31536000 seconds of friendship

  2. Omg, those pics of that lovely ice and wintery beauty, they are amazing. Thanks for sharing those!

  3. You are right, they are quite amazing and as long as we can see God's beauty in the little things life is pretty terrific!

    May God bless you with prosperity, health, and happiness in this year and the next.

  4. Very beautiful icy images. Happy new year and thanks for your continuous support on both my blogs.

  5. think that's amazing... it's a delight to watch... I came here to wish you and yours the best of luck in this year of the rabbit... Happy New Year!!!;)

    God Bless!!!;)


  6. Not ordinary in the least. It's quite remarkable. It gives me a chill down my spine, though. It looks so close-up:-)

  7. When we take the time to look at such things we usually find they are never ordinary. Your macros are great Icy, the ice looks like little diamonds.


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