Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favorite Children's Network is PBS

Written by my friend Lino Brown

I love the PBS network from children's programs. My all-time favorite children's educational program is Sesame Street. Both my daughters grew up watching Sesame Street and now my grandkids are watching it too. This wonderful, educational program features moppets such as Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the grouch, and of course Elmo. Elmo is one of Sesame Streets favorite characters.

My kids and grandkids have learned so much from this educational television show. The show also teaches the children Spanish as well as English, teaches them the alphabet, how to count in both English and Spanish, and many other things. Both my children were able to skip kindergarten because of Sesame Street.

They watched this show in the morning, at lunch time, and in the evenings. Very rarely were any of the shows repeated so they were always learning something new. I never had to tell them to watch the show they knew what time it came on and they were there in front of the Cable TV eagerly waiting for it to come on. I highly suggest to any parent to encourage their children to watch Sesame Street if they want their children to learn things fast and get a jump-start on their education

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  1. My children loved Sesame street. Thanks for the guest post.


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