Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sparkling Ice

We were hit with a snow storm on Sunday, which resulted in two consecutive days off for school children. Although there were not that much snow, but the strong wind and dropping temperature, ice was quickly formed everywhere.

Itching to take pictures, I found this sparkling ice on the branches, and when the sun hit them just right, it was amazing to see.

With the temperature at 6-8 degrees these last few days, we couldn't stay out there that long! Don't worry, we had three layers of clothing on when we went out and shoveled the snow away from the door.  It didn't matter, it was still freezing!

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  1. Super gorgeous....what a dazzling series!! Shine on!

  2. Gorgeous the way the ice sparkles so brilliantly!

  3. These shots are so cool. (Literally)!! I love photographing ice and snow, but we don't get much in this desert place. I really do miss it. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. You got some really great shots of the ice. I have never seen ice like that before. You all have really been suffering with the cold and snow. There has been cold weather in NJ, but we didn't get too much snow yet.

    CA Johnson

  5. Did you lose trees during this ice storm? It's beautiful but so often deadly. Fascinating macros!

  6. Amazing, the ice pieces in the first two shots look like some sparkling precious stones. Sunlight makes wonders with colors.

  7. The ice looks like diamonds. Such beautiful photos!

  8. I guess your "Icy BC" name really suited you with temperatures like that. The pictures are so pretty, though.

  9. great shot! very nice
    merry christmas

  10. The icicles look like crystals - so pretty.

  11. Very pretty! I'm sure the kids enjoyed that little break. :)


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