Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Blue Delphinium

Digging, and digging for something blue, and this is it, ladies and gentlemen! Baby blue delphinium! These flowers have quickly become one of my favorite summer flowers, and there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

My garden soil isn't suitable for many flowers, and usually when something is growing the squirrels tend to destroy them all.

I'm going to install a wire fence around my garden this year, and start growing flowers and vegetables again. Just thinking about this makes me wanting to shoo the winter weather away.

Joining Blue Monday!!

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  1. You join Monday Blue, I am now starting my blue Monday.

  2. Icy, these ARE gorgeous. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I plan on having my blue potatoes this year. I ordered the seeds last year but they came too late to plant, so they will be planted this year.

  3. WOW! I love this color Delphinium. I only have blue. Yours are fabulous. Such large blooms!

  4. The light on the blossoms is just gorgeous! Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

  5. Just gorgeous!

    Happy Blue Monday, Icy.

  6. How pretty and delicate. I love the very light shade of blue of this flower.

  7. Super beautiful...I love htese so much charming!! Ejoy these magical delphiniums!
    I plant daffodil bulbs and scatter them here and there in my garden....I learned that squirrels hate even the scent of them and in my garden i have had great luck..they leave my flowers alone!

  8. I am with you, looking at these lovely flowers makes me think it is warmer. I trust it will hurry and get here. It has been much too cold for me. These are such a pretty shade of blue.

  9. These baby blue delphinium are really beautiful. What a beautiful color.

    CA Johnson


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