Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Fortune Soup for New Year's

Guest post written by Brenda Smith

I'm a little tired of all those typical recipes that people fix for good luck meals on New Year's Day, so a few years ago I decided to come up with a kind of recipe that combines some of those tastes into a new dish just to liven things up a bit for yet another New Year.

I came up with a soup recipe that's actually pretty good. I've never liked black eyed peas all that much, but I actually really like them in this recipe! I was telling my sister about it over Christmas when we were all visiting as family and she asked me for the recipe. After we got home from the holidays, I was emailing her the recipe when I came across a clear wireless internet online offer. I did a little bit of research on it and after a little consideration I decided to sign our household up for it.

My sister said that she's going to try and make some of my good fortune soup with the recipe and I told her to let me know how it goes. I'm making some cornbread muffins to go along with the soup.

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  1. Sound like a nice dish for New Year. I reallylove soup of any kind

  2. I like most all soups too and this one sounds really good. All those flavors would combine to make a very rich flavor.

  3. I love soup but am not certain about black eyed peas.


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