Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Covered Berries

We had many snow storms already in Metro-Detroit, and some of them left quite a mark on our environment.  Some are beautiful, and some are just a dirty mess! This is the pretty version right after a snow storm.

Every bit of this tree and berries were covered with snow! What am I doing out in a snow storm, you ask or might not ask? Anyway, I had cabin fever if I don't get outside once in a while. Sometimes, I even played with the snow a little just to remind myself that I still feel the numbness on my flesh.  Hmm..I think I've just disclosed the crazy part of me!

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  1. Hey you are not crazy..it is just the artist within you!! Shine on!
    wow..i LOVE these shots..gorgeous frozen snowy clusters of hidden jewels...such decadence on a winter's day! Thanks for sharing this beautiful gem!

  2. Great pics! We just had an ice storm this morning and I missed a chance at a beautiful cardinal in my frozen lilac bush-oh well, maybe next time:@)

  3. Beautiful picture but boy, it looks cold! BRRRR! Thanks for sharing, Nan

  4. Beautiful images! Happy REDnesday! ~ Sarah

  5. Doesn't everything look beautiful when it's covered in snow? And then the novelty wears off, and we're all ready for Spring! Beautiful shots of those berrycicles!
    Happy REDnesday!

  6. Gorgeous tho it looks so icily cold. Brrr.. and you were out in touch with Mother Nature.

  7. Very pretty! Yes, your area has had a rough winter, for sure.

  8. Great way to channel your cabin fever in those gorgeous photographs! Hoping it warms up for you soon.

    Happy Rednesday,

  9. Crazy or not, we are the beneficiaries of your splendid photography. I know what you mean, though, about having to get outside sometime after being cooped up in a stuffy house or work setting all day!! You just MUST have a breath of fresh air even if it's chilling your lungs!

  10. I love how the red berries seem to be peeping out through the snow.

  11. Great shots! I love taking pictures of our red berries when they get all icy and snow covered!

  12. Love the snow and ice contrasting against the red berries...well done!

    Thanks for guessing on my WW...visit back on Sunday find the answer ;)

  13. Gorgeous photos of these berries encased in snow! The red color really pops against the white!

  14. These are great shots! I have never seen snow covered berries before.

    CA Johnson


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