Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Impatiens

This white impatiens was found at Belle Isle Conservatory! At this time of the year, even the Conservatory is limited to very few kinds of flowers on display.

I like this bud! It is so white and pure! We are having a snow storm today, and so far it has accumulated to at least two inches already.

Linking this post to Wordful Wednesday, and White Wednesday!

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  1. Beautiful! Would love to have you come post a garden link for Cottage Flora Thursday. I am looking for other bloggers like myself who love to share cottage garden flowers and landscape! hope to see you.....xoxo

  2. So simple and beautiful - Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  3. Love your white impatiens!!

  4. That impatient bud is so simple,and yes so lovely!

  5. This is a beautiful flower. We got a snowstorm here in NJ. We already had a lot of snow from before, but we got about 10 more inches on top of that.

    CA Johnson

  6. Beautiful bloom and bud, there is something so elegant about white flowers.

    Our snow is gone for the moment, we had a high of 57 today.

  7. I think your nickname, "Icy" must feel very appropriate at this time of year. Good thing you have that
    wonderful conservatory with its flowers and plants to remind you what warmer weather is like.

    Bundle up and stay safe on those roads!


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