Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birds Singing

Oh I wish you could hear the song those birds are singing! They are quite vocal, and make their present know in my back yard. As you can see, these birds are not at all ill-fed, but are very chubby indeed.

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  1. I love the sound of singing birds. Here we do not get that many birds so many times it sounds very silent in our backyard.

  2. A song in their hearts and music to our ears!

  3. Maybe they're rejoicing in their full tummies.

  4. Oh, i like birds... they are amazing creature!!!^^

  5. I love the sound of birdsong. These do look well fed!

  6. I love hearing the birds singing too. It's such a soothing sound. I agree that the birds do look well fed. :)

  7. That group must really make quite a chorus!! They are plump, indeed. Perhaps folks are so impressed with their songs, they reward them with treats.


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