Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blue Earth

I saw this sign/picture at Belle Isle Nature Park, and it will serve as a reminder for myself come this spring. I will put water and food for the birds. We have quite a few of different birds such as robins, blue-jays, cardinals, starlings, chickadees and others.

Have a great new week...

Joining Blue Monday!!

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  1. first we have green earth... we have blue earth... yeah we can make our earth really colorful and i like it.

  2. Our birdbath is always filled with fresh water (unless it is too cold and is frozen!)

  3. We feed the birds all year. They come frequently in winter looking for something to eat.
    Nice reminder.

  4. Because I live in a warm state, God feeds the wildlife. I just enjoy them.

    Happy Blue Monday, Icy. (Stay warm if you can't shop!)

  5. I always forget to do that and I really should because I love the song of the birds so much.

  6. That is a good idea. However, when I feed them they just about take over the place. So I do put out as much anymore. I have a lot of trees.

  7. We feed birds all through the year. We have had lots of finches and doves, an occasional blue jay. I love watching them. I wish we lived where there was more variety.

  8. That is a wonderful idea...

    Your newest follower,

  9. This is one thing we always do. Since we've been at our new house, we've found that the birds love it here better. There are no cats to chase them off.:-) The old neighbour's cat used to come over to our garden and kill the birds.

  10. A wonderful reminder! We love to feed the birds -- the kids never let me forget :-)

    Bonkers in Barnhart

  11. This is a nice reminder. I don't get any birds in my yard, but it is a great reminder for those who do.

  12. That is, of course, a wonderful idea. I used to love visiting my mother at her duplex in Georgia, with its bird bath outside, and bird feeders among the pecan trees. I would sit mesmerized for hours, looking at all the feathered visitors.

  13. These blues are great. They are the deep tones I really like.


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