Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green the Earth With Rain Barrels

During the summer, my city put us on an alert to save water. We were not allow to use water for our yard or garden on at certain days and at a certain hours.  In an effort to cooperate with city rules, and to greener the earth, I use buckets, cans and containers for my rain harvesting.

July is the hottest month for Michigan, and I always wish to have big rain barrels to reserve the rain from before for watering my flowers and vegetables.  Well, thanks to the internet I now find a website that has rain barrels for sale, which also offers free shipping, and customization for my needs.

Can you imagine how much money I would save on my water bill with these rain water barrels?

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  1. Great idea! Mine would have been dry last year as we were in a drought, however... in my old house I had a lean-two greenhouse and connected the gutter to a 30-gallon plastic garbage can and used the water it collected on all my plants.. Great idea!

  2. We have these too. They call them hose-pipe bans. We are encouraged to use used bath water and washing-up water etc (brown water) to water the plants.
    It makes no sense, because two weeks after the bans, the rains come and never go away. :-)

  3. There are some really cool barrels out there and they will certainly help you save water for your garden.

  4. You can save even more by using a nice sturdy garbage can. It even has a lid.

  5. No one could have less water than CA. I like the rain barrel and the underground water storage systems. It's so awesome.

  6. That is great that you found a site where you can get your rain barrels. Now you will be able to water your flowers in the summer.


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