Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Mauna Loa

For many of us who reside in the North end of the map, we are pretty tired of just seeing snow and ice. Yes, winter offers many wonderful activities and sports if you like such things as skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, sledding, or cross country skiing, along with many others things.

I am, personally, just wanting to see colors on earth as well as in the sky. Well, I guess that's why we have four seasons so we can truly appreciate each one as we yearn for the other.

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  1. How nice it would be to wake up and see a yard filled with these pretty flowers.

  2. :) Isn't that the truth. My folks lived in Hawaii for a few years and I loved visiting but I would SOOO miss the 4 season. My favorites are autumn and spring but summer and winter are what help me appreciate my faves. AND my grandkids LOVE summer, my kids LOVE winter - guess that makes the four seasons perfect for the multi-generational Sandwich Generation. :) Have a terrific Rednesday.

  3. Me too! Thank you for lovely comment..

  4. Thank you so much for those shots of the beautiful anthuriums! I really needed them, because we've gotten 18" of snow so far since yesterday, with more coming this morning. Spring seems a long ways away, and summer but a distant memory!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. These red Mauna Loas are so cheerful, like natural Valentines. :)

  6. Thanks so much for putting a name to a flower that I have always enjoyed!
    Happy Rednesday.:o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  7. Just wonderful to see this beautiful color!

  8. They are such amazing flowers and yes, color is wonderful!!!

  9. They are such amazing flowers and yes, color is wonderful!!!

  10. I think that we need to learn to appreciate the beauty of each season. I don't like summer much because it gets too hot here but I have learnt to appreciate the good things about it - like the beach.

  11. Love the color, so good to see - there is nothing but snow and ice here right now.

  12. I never new the name of that flower before. Such bright, cheerful color!

  13. The color of this flower is amazing. I really like it.


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