Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink and Green Heart Leaves

This is a continuation of my heart leaves, which you can see the white ones here, and the green ones here. These leaves were identified at caladium leaves.

These green and pinkish colors would be a perfect match at Christmas time.  If you are interested in planting these leaves, they are available at most garden centers at this time of the year now.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. ...o, i know this...we have plenty of this in Mom's garden... they are really pleasant to eyes...^^

    Take care!


  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart today! God bless!

  3. Mother nature will forever be my favorite artist!

    I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

    Be blessed!

  4. These are lovely photos. The colours of the leaves are amazing!

  5. Nature is an amazing thing! I'm forever in awe. Thanks for sharing these. Have a great weekend.


  6. So colorful and festive looking! I like all of the heart leaves in your collection. :)

  7. I enlarged them - I like both the shape and coloring.

  8. I love hearts : ) These are especially pretty.

  9. My mum had a simlar plant only the leaves were much smaller.

  10. I have seen these leaves before but never saw the heart in them. The varigated colours are beautiful.


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