Sunday, April 10, 2011

Be Prepared For the Unexpected

An acquaintance told me on Thursday evening at soccer practice that her brother-in-law passed away suddenly in his sleep. He was barely 60 years old and in good shape physically. A few days prior to his death, he joked about buying seniors life insurance when he would come of age.

No one in the family expected this so soon, and after a thorough autopsy they found out he had a heart attack during the night. He had no funeral insurance in place, and he was not a veteran to receive veteran support services.

His immediate family and my friend's family are pulling together to cover the expenses to help out his wife, since they're both unemployed after Ford"s laid off last year.  Life can throw such a hard ball some times, so I'm thinking of my final day expenses, and looking into this option.

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  1. That is so sad that he passed away so suddenly, his family must be in shock. It only proves we do need to prepare for the unexpected.

  2. I don't have any insurance of that sort but I have specified in my will that I want only the CHEAPEST pine box and cremation. My sons know how I feel about funerals. I'd like my ashes put in film cannisters that my friends will take on their travels about the world so my ashes can be thrown here and there and I can continue traveling as I have always loved to do. If my favorite Thai restaurant is still around, I want them to hold a big party there to celebrate the life I've lived.


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