Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink and White Dogwood Flowers

I saw these dogwood flowers on display in a parking lot of local nursery. They looked ill to me as the petals seemed to be in a deformed stage, even though they were still beautiful to see.

It is true then that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I'm not perfect; therefore, I have no right in expecting anything or anyone to be perfect.

Dogwood flowers were my new discovery love last year! They are absolutely gorgeous flowers for spring celebration.

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  1. Those flowers are so pretty and so are your pictures!

    Thanks for linking up to Photo Feature Friday :)

  2. "I'm not perfect; therefore, I have no right in expecting anything or anyone to be perfect."
    - what a beautiful prose Icy, you have captured an unfathomable beauty in the imperfection. lovely images as always.

  3. I love imperfect flowers - and people :)
    our dogwood tree died a few years ago and I miss her terribly
    the garden people said not to plant another since the soil there is not very good
    I have to find a better spot for a new one

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. Imperfection is a good thing!

  5. The dogwood flowers are still very pretty. We all have our blemishes :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love dogwoods too. I only have white ones. The pink ones are just lovely.

  7. My post also showed up some imperfections...but on the gardener's part (that's me)which left my orchid bloom a trifle shabby.
    So I can fully sympathise with blemished flowers.

  8. Imperfections are interesting!

  9. I am sure we have this flower here in NZ, only I can't confirm.

    So it is getting warmer everyday?

  10. None of us are perfect but your photos are your art always is. Take care and God bless you this Easter Sunday!

  11. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  12. I love these dogwood blossoms! Each one is unique and beautiful. :)


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