Thursday, April 7, 2011

VA Home Loan At a Low Rate

For veterans as well as military people who are on active duty, you can now get help to lower your monthly payment with a VA streamline. It is at record low rate! If you are currently paying more than 5% on interest rate, you can apply for a loan at 1%.

What you need to do is requesting for a DD214 form, and you can do this by download it from this website, or through the mail, or by fax. This site offers other important information, such as how to buy a new home with no down payment, or check your income guideline before applying for a home loan.

You serve your country; now let them serve you back!

Off my tangent, Beneath Los Angeles is an interesting website, and is about to launch their new book. It is an amusing site to check out!

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  1. wow! I will pass this info on to my friends. the rate is very low indeed.


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