Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wood Squill Has Blossom

The weather this year has been on a strange side, but these wood squill flowers didn't care at all even when the temperature was still in the 20s.

They are the first flowers bloomed this year, thus the first color I've seen this spring so far. The wood squill though is much shorter than last year, which you can find a bit of information here.

Since they are very low in the grass, your truly with sound mind and weary body, crawling on the ground for pictures, with the neighbor's cats watching in amusement!

Joining Blue Monday and Midweek Blue!!

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  1. pretty, what a beautiful blue flower it is.

  2. I'm glad you got down and dirty for the photos - you can't imagine how I'm enjoying your wonderful blue of spring!

  3. They are lovely. Thanks for the great photos!

    Peter G.

  4. They are so pretty. I laid in the grass today to capture shots of violets and my friend's house. She didn't even know she had violets. lol

  5., those photos are awesome... it's a blessing for me to see such beauty before my eyes... thank you.(:

    Take care.


  6. Beautiful macro shots Icy, the buds are almost a purple shade (at least on my screen).

    I think my cats find my antics when taking photos rather amusing also.

  7. blue flowers are very attractive

  8. They are very pretty. I hope the weather gets much warmer soon for you. Came from Blue Monday, have a great week!

  9. And they're blue!

    Happy Blue Monday!

    Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  10. Great blue flowers!
    Beautiful texture.

    Happy Monday!

    PLUS: i really love your blog's title.

  11. What GORGEOUS blue flowers!!!

  12. What beautiful blue blooms. I am sure all my neighbours think I'm mad or weird because I am always out in the yard taking photos of our flowers. They probably think I have never seen flowers before :)

  13. your pictures show one of the many reasons I love spring I would love to have you come see what I shared on my blog @

  14. Beautiful, I have never seen these before!

  15. Love that shade of blue! Thanks for the crawling to give us a great pic:)

  16. Thanks for crawling around and fending off the cat! Great shots!

  17. That last bit made me laugh. I'd certainly think it funny if I saw my neighbour crawling around in the grass.

  18. I sure love these little beauties.

  19. I don't know this flower at all! So delightful!

  20. What beautiful flowers! I love the color of them. I am a sucker for blue flowers. :)

  21. I am not at all familiar with these flowers but they are stunning. I can just picture you down on the ground with your camera. I'm sure there were many watchful eyes trained on you!


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