Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cluster of Deep Purple Columbine

It's hard to decide on a particular color for these columbine flowers. In a certain light, they looked maroon-ish and in a certain light they had purple tone.

Some time the bright sun is hard to aim and shoot when I have no manual control on the camera to allow just a certain amount of light in. Oh, it is even extremely harder when the flowers were not mine.

Deep dark purple columbine
Sneaking around to shoot flowers is fun and thrilling, but when the pictures didn't turn out the way I wanted, I had to blame it on something or someone, right?

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  1. Wooo, bees zlove. Sprinmg is here! I must go plant my tomaties (four 'Early Girl' shrublets are mine from the store today @$2.49, and they are underdogs indeed and need rapid planting in nice warm loamy muck) - thanks for the pick-me-up pix!

  2. No matter what colour you decide they are, the richness and vibrancy of these flowers makes a bold statement.

  3. They are beautiful and you are right, I always blame it on the sun :) It really is difficult shooting in sunlight. I always prefer and cloudy day when I'm out with the camera. You did a great job on these though, they also have that exotic feel to them which I love.

  4. beautiful colors, and i agree with you, i shoot yesterday neighbor's flowers, and because i have no permission, i have to use my cell phone and it was not easy, since i am not really free to move around to get the best spot for capturing a shot.

  5. "Oh, it is even extremely harder when the flowers were not mine.".....hahahahahahaha thanks for making me giggle today sis..i love the flowers...both the maroonish and the hard purple is fun sneaking around to shoot just about anything...i wish i could one sweet day sneak around with you hehehe,

  6. They are such interesting flowers.

  7. I love the color on those columbines! So happy to have found your blog and look forward to following along.

  8. Gorgeous Columbines! I think the pale yellow centers make the purple color look even more intense.

  9. Very interesting and gorgeous flowers.
    Have a nice weekend:)

  10. I love the color of these flowers. They are really pretty.

  11. Oh those are pretty! Thanks for linking up to Photo Feature Friday :)


  12. Yes, we do sneak around to capture God's beauty, but we are only taking photos not cutting flowers! Who can resist such beauty!

  13. Icy, they are just beautiful, whatever color you use to describe them!

  14. These are incredible. Purple is my favorite color, any shade that is.


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