Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fancy Purple Columbine Flowers

As soon as we have a break with the weather, I went to the home store to see their garden area. There were so many beautiful ones to see, and these deep purple columbine flowers were dancing their way to my heart.

The many layers of petals on these columbine flowers were just amazing, and the head seemed to be heavier than their body can hold, but they held up just fine.

Since I love columbine, I bought one pot to grow, but they didn't like my environment and left a hole in my heart, not to mention my pocket! I'm now contented just to see them in other people's yard or at local garden center.

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  1. I never see columbines at the garden center, maybe it gets too hot here. I'm happy to enjoy them at your blog through your beautiful pictures!

  2. beautiful deep purple colors Icy, love it.

  3. I love columbine!! Your fancy ones are just great!

  4. They are gorgeous! Jeannie said buy them at the end of the season when they cheap and all dried out, and shake the seeds from their tops. They grow year after year.

  5. I have never had these plants. After seeing how pretty they are, will have to get me some. Such a rich, brilliant purple.

  6. I've never seen this particular columbine before! I was so excited to find a small burgundy one that is more round-shaped. I, too, love columbine.

  7. awww, sorry to hear about that. they are very pretty, i hope you find some ways to make them thrive in your garden. :)

  8. These are just beautiful!! I love purple, my favorite.

  9. Columbines are such pretty flowers with a wide variety of colors and combinations. These purple ones are lovely. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  10. What pretty flowers! I'm trying to think if we have those here...I have in my head that they're a native species or well suited to our area or something of the sort :) Thank you for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday!


  11. Would love to have some on your flowers photos in my backyard for real. :-)


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