Tuesday, May 31, 2011

White Tulip

I do love watching my tulips grow, as they try to stay alive just when the winter was done, even though the weather was still cold for human to thrive.

I'm very sure that the menace squirrels around my area are responsible for the disappearing of my tulips. We used to have many different colors, but now just mainly white ones!

It's the simple pleasures for me to watch flowers blossom, vegetable growing, and trees filling out with leaves. It is the renewal of hopes!

Joining Simple Pleasures, and Wordless/Wordful Wednesday!

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  1. beautiful white tulips, i can smell the freshness.

  2. renewal of hopes indeed! lovely blooms and oh, i love your header too!

  3. Lovely flowers. I am so glad they survived your cold winters.

  4. Lovely flowers. I am so glad they survived your cold winters.

  5. Yes, those dastardly squirrels have eaten all my tulip bulbs, too! Lucky to have this beautiful white left - maybe they prefer colors!

  6. What a beautiful way to express it, the renewal of hope. These are beautiful and it's almost like there is a light shining on the heart of the tulip. It's illuminating. I hate to agree with you about the squirrels (my buddies) :D but you are probably right :)

  7. Gorgeous flower, unbelievable how simple yet elegant it is.

  8. White Tulips look just perfect for summer. Refreshing n Beautiful.

  9. how lovely...I actually have never seen a white tulip! it is just beautiful!

  10. What a pretty garden you have! And the birds in it just make it so much more alive and colorful, don't they? We have all sorts of birds visiting us daily and love watching their antics around the feeders! lol! Hope the weather begins to clear up for you over there in Detroit! We've been blessed with a couple perfect days here!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Lovely white tulips. They are so pretty and I love seeing the inside of them.


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