Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue M & M Candies

Yup, time to tempt your sweet teeth with these blue peanut M & M chocolate covered! I love them as snack, just once in a while though, for when I'm on the soccer field with JoJo.

If you want some, just reach through your computer's screen and grab some, but I'm not responsible for any bodily harm or damage done to your computer. :-)

In any case, what is your favorite flavor of M & M? I think they all taste the same, and the color is just added for attracting our eyes. What do you think?

Joining Blue Monday and Midweek Blue!!

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  1. Sugar kills me, but I love M&Ms. Blue peanut. Must be the best.

  2. ahhhh, my weakness, chocolates :) i do not have particular flavor for m&m's, i think they all taste the same and color like what you said is just for added attraction to draw our eyes towards our appetite :)

  3. Icy, I believe you are right. It's just a color, but the peanuts and, another story.

  4. Oh Icy, you are making me hungry and it's much too late for eating. I do love M&M's but I do snack on them only once in awhile.

    Even though they do taste the same the red ones are my favorites.

  5. I agree; they all taste the same, but that blue sure is pretty.

    Happy Blue Monday, Icy!

  6. I don't really eat them these days. Although, if I were to, I'd probably avoid the blue ones. What natural food colourings can you get that's blue? What would this colour be derived from, I wonder.

  7. Those are very pretty blue M&Ms, but I seldom eat them. I am not much of a sweet eater.

  8. I love all of them - no matter what colour they are.

  9. another cravings for chocolates though i have allergies on it...yay...(T____T)


  10. Mmmmmmm, the blue ones are my favorite. ;)

  11. Thanks a million, Icy. I'm starving here in this hospital room - supper was at 6P and breakfast won't be till 7A - that's what I get for scrolling down to make sure I don't miss any of your posts. Now, I'm ravenous.


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