Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crab Apple Blossoms On a Blue Plate

Yeah, you can say that I'm, maybe just a bit quirky! While the crabapple flowers blossomed, it rained for days and I couldn't stay outside for long, so I grabbed some flowers and brought them inside.

Then I arranged them on my beautiful blue plate as an offer to Sally for Blue Monday! Ok, now you can say that I'm creative in my desperate attempt :-). Have a great week!

Joining Blue Monday and Midweek Blue!!

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  1. Lovely little devils. My dog used to eat crabapples from the ground, with the most patient (for a terrier) expression on his face. They make FABULOUS jelly.

  2. Not crazy but resourceful, creative, talented and imaginative. They are gorgeous!

  3. The colors go very well together and compliment each other. ;) It's nice to bring in a beauty from outside and enjoy it in your home.

  4. very creative indeed. In season or out of season---:-)

  5. I love crab apple blossoms - so pretty and delicate. I think your blue plate actually enhances the pink color of the blossoms. The blue and pink "play" well together. =)

  6. I think you created something very beautiful.

  7. I love the contrast created by the two colors! Those flowers are simply lovely, Icy! :)

  8. oh, same here, I do grab flowers outside too and bring them inside :)

    lovely arrangement Icy

  9. Two days with blue can't be to much, with such pretty photos ;-)
    Have a great day!

  10. THe blue is the perfect backdrop for the pink flowers. How pretty!

  11. love your dedication!:p
    while i, took photos in the rain with an umbrella. LOL

  12. Your micros are marvelous:)

  13. Very creative and such a lovely combination, the blue and the delicate pink blossoms!


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