Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deep Pink Columbine Flowers

Deep pink columbine flower
There are so many varieties of columbine flowers, and this specie has many layers of petals, which I love. In a recently trip to the Belle Isle Conservatory, I saw patches of columbine flowers around the pond.

Light and deep pink columbine
They must have seeded themselves each year, and can grow through the gravel paths without too much fuss. Yet, when I bought them and grow in my garden, they didn't seem very happy.

Pink Columbine

I give up the thought of buying them this year, and just enjoy looking at them from wherever I see them. My soil is not right for them to thrive, and I'm not a successful gardener. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. oh, i did not know they are columbine i thought they are some kind of lilies. so many beautiful living things on Earth to be glad for.

  2. The pink columbine are really pretty! If they don't do well at your home, try another location...or a different flower - lol.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. They really are something special! Thanks for sharing them with us ... great shots.

  4. These are very pretty. Being a successful gardener is knowing what you can and can't grow.

  5. I had forgotten about Columbines! I wonder if I can get them to grow here in Cyprus? I will have to hunt for seeds. They are such a pretty flower.

  6. Sometimes you just have to let go what you can't grow, and just be content to DROOL over others beauty!! These multi petals are so pretty!! Love the blue in your header.

  7. I can see how you love flowers. Your blog is blooming everyday! Keep it up...

  8. oh my, great pink!

    lovely flower photos!!

    have a great day!

  9. We all have those flowers that just give us fits that do not want to grow for us. I have too many to count. LOL! I am stubborn and keep trying in different spots until they give up and grow for me. LOL! Wear them down. It is a really pretty columbine. I love the double petals.Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Your columbine is lovely! I love the color - thank you for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  11. That's what i like about flowers, we can enjoy them anywhere -in our yard, at the park...or even in the wilderness. happy weekend, Icy! *hugs*

  12. I don't know this kind but they certainly have lush petals.
    LOVE your last shot!
    Carletta's Captures

  13. Love the colour and the fulness of the columbine bloom! I have a burgundy and white one which just started flowering. They are such lovely little plants.

  14. I like the stacked layers of petals, very different from any flowers I see in my area. I enjoy your pictures so much!

  15. Those are beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and stunning! Excellent job. I've started my own weekly challenge on Saturdays and would love to see you there! :)

  16. I've never seen columbines in person. They are so beautiful and I love the color..not demure pink but really vibrant!


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