Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fleabane Growing

Fleabane daisy
I like watching things grow, and as this beautiful lavender fleabane daisy grew, so were my photos collection!

Sea breeze daisy
This flower is also known as Sea Breeze daisy, and the color is so pretty to see. Summer is best since I can see different flowers, and colors all around.

Joining Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, and 52 Weeks of Happiness!

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  1. Oh, Icy, what colors. It is just so lovely. Fantastic shots!

  2. Great photos...I love the close up flower shots...I have to say those are my favorite ones to take!

  3. oh, it is so beautiful, each time i visit your blog, i am always treated with beautiful sights.

  4. Great shots! Gorgeous Color!

  5. Such a brilliant color purple! Love it

  6. Great shots. Really like that first one. Thanks for linking up to WW!

  7. Beautiful! One of the joys of photography is a greater appreciation of everyday miracles around us.

  8. The colors are just fantastic. really lovely.

  9. We never really see a flower til we look at it up close. These are awesome, Icy!

  10. Such lovely macros, Icy. Daisies are such special flowers, with so many different varieties and colors.

  11. You really have a great way to capture the flowers. It's very pretty.


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