Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shaved Snow Cone

Being 12 was not fun when it came to Mother's day to buy a present. However, JoJo was very resourceful and created this beautiful shaved snow cone as a gift for me.

He took wood-shop in school and had some ideas on how to use wood. He took a small discarded piece of wood from school, and worked on shaving the woods into strips at home.

He then made the cone out of paper, and glued all of these curly strips together to create the look of a snow cone. While his big brother and sister could afford a better present, this one came from the heart of a child. Yes, it is now a treasure for me.

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  1. Jeannie and I love this. It is precious. It reminds her of the wonderful times she spent woodworking with her father. I would definitely treasure this more than a costly present.

    God bless! Hug Jo Jo for us!!

  2. oh Icy, it is one of those priceless gifts that really is very heartwarming, treasured forever. love Jojo's creativity.

  3. So sweet of Jojo. Kids are great treasures aren't they?

  4. It's definitely creative and a beautiful display.

  5. that's amazing..., from the heart of the child...

  6. Of all the mother's day gifts you receive, this one is a keeper and treasure.

  7. And the nice thing is that it won't melt away! What a lovely, sweet gift!

  8. Aww, Jojo is so creative! He is such an artist, Icy! :) Love the idea!

  9. ..haha... i like this.. cute.(:


  10. so sweet, and what a creative gift from your son.


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