Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shine Like a Dandelion

Did I tell you we had rain? It rains almost for five days straight, and when the rain stopped, I looked to see how much damage it caused to my yard, but this old dandelion head shined through.

The white feathery seeds held their shape even after a heavy down pour. The green grassy ground was a beautiful back drop for this dandelion to shine.

The lighting was also perfect after the rain, not too dark and not too bright, and was just enough to make the white dandelion head a sign of beauty to be hold!

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  1. those are awesome photos of dandelion, indeed, shine like them :)

  2. ...and sway and fly with the wind... sing with the wind...sing for a new life... i like dandelions... they're simply awesome..(:

    Good day.


  3. Dandelions are my friends! Yours are so pretty.

  4. At a time when there is so much difficulty surrounding us in the our country, as well as the world... I am pleased to see how so many feel grateful for all we have been given and the even the little things such as the dandelion! L

  5. marvelous macro!!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. The weed is also a flower...thanks for that reminder. Love your profile quote from Confucius, by the way.

  7. Beautiful. I too have a dandelion pictured with a few other wild flower 'weeds'. I think the are beautiful and get little credit as such.

  8. This is a totally different view of the dandelion from the ones I have been shooting this year. Love the dark browns...I have not seen than in mine, but will need to start looking more closely. A great macro capture. Love it.

  9. Beautiful shots Icy, it's interesting to see how the rain added a little shine to the dandelion.

  10. Your photos are so crisp and symmetrical. I still can't believe they come from that little camera. :-)


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