Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Violet in My Yard

It is always wonderful to look for wild flowers in my back yard, and these violets had really taken off this year after so much rain that we're having! In fact, violets are covering everyone's lawn. Some have more than others, but violets thrive in wet weather.

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  1. Oh I love violets...they were my favorites growing up and I still have a soft spot in my heart for them!

  2. Such lovely shots! My yard is covered in them too. Wonderful capture!

  3. oh, so beautiful Icy. this is something that we do not have here, I guess we are too dry for these beautiful violets.

  4. So delicate and their color so vivid - a gift of the rain.

  5. ..what a lovely thing... that's truly a delight to have on one's yard...(:

    Brightest blessings.


  6. Great photos! I remember when I first discovered my wild Canadian Violets - I was thrilled, and still am!

  7. Another of my favorite purple flowers, the dainty violet. Very nice images!

  8. those shots are really lovely!

    great colour and tones.
    you captured those pretty flowers soo beautifully.

    i'm jealous of your yard flowers. LOL!

    have a great day,


  9. I just recently learned that violets grow wild. I have only ever seen them bought from a store and sitting on someone's windowsill. I never had luck with them and they certainly wouldn't survive in the heat we have here. Rain doesn't come our way often. Enjoy your pretty little wildflowers. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. It seems like nothing that pretty is blooming around here. I know that's not true, but it just seems like it when I see blooms like that.

    I love purple flowers.

  11. Those photos are beautiful. I can't imagine a lawn covered in them. We will have some in the Spring here in Australia, but not profuse like that, Mave

  12. It must really be a delight to see all these beautiful violets in your neighborhood! I have always loved these pretty, delicate flowers.


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