Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blooming Red Trees

Post by IcyBC
 Blooming Trees
As soon as I parked, I noticed these beautiful blooming red trees that lined up by the fence! The color was so pretty, and eye catching. I had to tell my son to wait for me to take a few pictures. You know, I have come to this area regularly but never notice these trees.

Deep Color Red Blooming Trees
I supposed the trees were not in bloom when I visited before! I remembered taking some pictures of the icicles during the winter from these trees. After years of blogging and taking pictures, I am kind of tuning in to things that catch my eyes, and that is a good thing!

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  1. My comment form disappeared from time to time, and this is so frustrating. Working on it though..

  2. You did it! I am so impressed. I wouldn't have known how to fix it. :) I am glad I was able to tell you about it.... :)

    1. Thank you..I just changed the a few things around, but it was a pain to do!

  3. Love that color, makes you glad to be around it. We had a very early bloom this year, but it somehow seemed more vibrant than usual.


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