Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunrise In the Neighborhood

Post by IcyBC
Sunrise With Fantastic Colors
It is very fun for me to shoot the colors of sky. Before blogging, I have no care or give attention to the changes in the sky. It is always there, and I take it for granted.

Vibrant Colors In the Sky
Now, I chase after the sunrise and sunset with a passion. It is fascinating to see different colors in the sky, at different times. In a way, the sky is like our emotion. One minute we could be happy, pretty, or calm. Then another minute we could be sad, irritated, or furious.

Art In the Sky
Beautiful isn't it? This can only be done by our mighty Creator! When you wake up in the morning and see such a pretty sight like this, what's going through your mind? Do you think it will be a beautiful day?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful captures! I'm far to lazy to ever see the sunrise any more. :(

  2. Stunning photos! Great Creator! :)

  3. oh so beautiful, same here, i am so glad for the simple joys that blogging had opened up to me, such as delighting in priceless moments like this.

  4. so beautiful, there's nothing better than a gorgeous sunset. :) thanks for linking up with the simple things.


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