Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pretty Left-Over Blooms

Left-over Blooms

Spring was well out yielding for summer, and these once cherry blossoms have finally turned brown! Somehow, they were still beautiful and had a whimsical look about them when looking at them in the sun.

Branch of Cherry Blossoms
I saw this tree/plant on the school ground, and when shooting these pictures, and drawn quite a few amusing looks from the parents around me. I guessed they didn't see what I saw!

Pretty Left-Over Blooms
If I was alone when shooting these pictures, I would have come in for a macro shot of those little stamens of the left-over blossom. The brownish red of those stamens were beautiful against the green leaves.

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  1. Lovely... I have such a soft spot for flowers :)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. They still look very pretty even though they are drying out.

  3. even without the up close pictures of the stamens, your pictures of the left-over blooms are very beautiful.


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