Friday, July 20, 2012

Gorgeous Question Mark Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly

Presenting to me one morning was this beautiful butterfly. She was in perfect shape and friendly. Landing right in front of my eyes, and allowed me to come very close for a photo session. I was told she is known as a question mark butterfly because of that white dot and a curve on her wings. Can you spot it?

Perfect Question Mark Butterfly
She hung around this area for a long time, getting her tan and walking about. I was surprised that I could come so close to her to the point that I could even touch her or catch her.

This Side of Butterfly 

I set my camera on burst mode, and ended up with more than 100 shots easily. My question mark butterfly was not shy and I was able to profile her in every possible side of her. Happy...happy I am!

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  1. These are the moments I am talking about in my post today....they happen when we least expect them and we are soooooo thankful we have our camera in hand ;) Beautiful.


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