Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Simple Beauty Of Clover

We can't help it most of the time when we stepped on this beautiful clover. It is because of their abundance, uncultivated, and free that we miss seeing how beautiful clover flowers are.

Macro of Clover Flower
Without the help of the macro mode in my camera, I will definitely not able to see such intricate and amazing structure of this clover flower. I love the simple beauty of nature, especially wild and ordinary ones!

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  1. Clover is indeed delightful. I love to take photos of it whenever I find some.

  2. so beautiful shots of the clover, and i agree with you, there are things we see clearer with the macro settings of the camera that we ordinarily could not see.

  3. Beautiful. The detail is awesome and I never saw clover that close up. Amazing!!


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