Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Menace Squirrel


Squirrels are fun to watch, and make a great subject to photograph. They are cute but very menace at the same time. They eat anything, from flower bulbs to flowers, and they dig holes all over the yard to bury their treasures.

Squirrel Eating
Everyone seems to go "goo goo ga ga" when they see squirrels, but not for me! I've lost too many flower bulbs to welcome them in my yard. They ate my tulips, daffodils, lily plants, sunflowers, and gladiola bulbs to name just a few. What about you? Do you like squirrels?

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  1. Just like spider, I only like them in pictures.

    They are adorable in picture only.

  2. Used to love them, but not any more. They chewed a hole in my roof that leaked, ruining my kitchen ceiling!

    They really are just glorified vermin, sorry to say.


  3. O gosh... it's a long2 time, I have not met a squirrel. It looks so cute.

  4. I love them. They look so cute. There are no squirrels here so maybe that's why I think they are so sweet.

  5. oh, sorry about that, though my vegetable garden have been a victim of their hunger :( lovely pictures by the way


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