Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blue Jay On the Roof

At this time of year, the critters are so busy trying to fatten up! I have blue jay and cardinal at the feeders every day. The jays just stood far away and waited for the cardinal to feed first.

Although the cardinals are half the size of the blue jays, they are more vicious! I actually watched a cardinal pecking away at the jay fighting over the seeds. This pretty blue jay decided to wait for his turn on the roof nearby!

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  1. Your Jays must be more polite than the Jays in my yard. They come to the feeders loud, scaring away all the little birds. Great photos and mosaic! Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Hmm, like Eileen, the jays that visit our feeders would never be polite enough to let a cardinal feed first. Lately, they've taken to sitting on the deck railing around 7 am screeching for peanuts.

  3. I agree with Eileen....Your jays are very well behaved. Love the mosaic and the individual pictures. They really do show off the jays beautifully. genie

  4. I love to watch the birds. It seems yours are very entertaining. lol

  5. Oh I love your Blue Jays - amazing that they are scared away by a smaller bird.
    They have such pretty coloring on their back and wings.
    I wish we had some blue and red birds here too.

    I'm visiting from Mary's Mosaic Monday!

    have a happy week.

  6. They make a beautiful mosaic.

  7. OMG! I just want to own this bird. So beautiful!

  8. Those little guys are regulars in my backyard.

  9. Our jays won't be around the feeders until it gets cold or there's snow -- so the cardinals just have fend off the sparrows for now. :)


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