Friday, September 20, 2013

Custom Designed Bike

My teenage son has put his bike to good use this summer. Along with his buddies they manage to commute to each other's houses on these two wheels over the summer break. I quite like it for two reasons: exercise and independence.

Although between the other moms and me, we could give them rides, but being boys, they seem to have the need to be free "men" so to speak. It was all dandy until the chain on my son's bike broke and the back tire couldn't hold air.

He mentioned something about fixed gear bikes that he saw online. The bike you see in the photo above is the one he picked out and he wished he could have one of those custom designed bicycles. Surely, as parent I would love to see his wish come true as this is his way of transportation around the neighborhood.

Now that school is back in session, and being on a soccer team with a crazy schedule of practices and games, I believe having a good bike for him is a fantastic idea. This means my time of being a taxi driver would free up quite a bit for when he needs to get around in short distance.

We'll look into this option further once we have a set budget and a plan in place! Registered & Protected



  1. Wonderful idea, Icy. We have a bicycle repair shop in town and the guy is both reasonable and good!


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