Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Reasons Why I Will Stay Domain-Naked

I am finally able to see clearly why having a domain name for my blog is more of a pain than I ever have anticipated. Long ago, I decided to go with the trend and be cool getting a domain name for Wandering Thought.

It has served me well and I was able to earn blogging money with it until a huge problem snatched up that joy and left me paralyzed with worries.

Look at Reach Beyond Limits, my last blog post was exactly a year ago; and it still retained a page rank of 3! I have left this blog UNTOUCHED twice in the past years, and my page rank hasn't changed. Imagine that!!!

Thus, this brings me to the three most important reasons why I will stay domain-naked:

1) Never runs in problem with renewal

2) If something happens to me, my blog will still be here online

3) I am leaving my foot print on this earth without bothering my family member to keep my blog alive.

Advertisers tend to prefer domain name blogs, thinking that the ".com, .net, .org" would remain online forever. Wrong! If the writer/blogger hits an unfortunate event in their lives, their blogs would disappear when the expiration comes. 

Whereas, those domain-naked blogs remain for as long as there is life!!

What do you think? Are these great reasons or what?

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  1. You raised some good points on why one should remain domain-naked. I had thought perhaps it would be a nice thing to do, but as you pointed out, if you don't keep with the annual fees then everything you vested vanishes. I think I won't change a thing where my blog is concerned anytime soon.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      My children don't read my blog, so they have no clue what to do should something happens to me health-wise.

  2. That's very true Icy. Google tends to favor google products, if you notice when you search for your blog on Google versus Yahoo...There are more results on Google.
    I think you are right, those reasons are very thought-out, and I should consider letting it ride as well...

    1. I was about to buy a domain for this blog, but then thinking if something happens to me, such as illness or my tendonitis get worst, then there goes another blog in the dark hole..

      So this is it! I will fight the urge for a domain name!!!

  3. Thanks so much for this post, Icy and it has come at a good time for me. As you know I just started blogging (with your help) and was going to take that big step. After reading you post and knowing what you went through with Wandering Thought, I will forget about a domain name ....

    1. Thank you my Freakish's more of a headache and problem than you will ever want to know!!

      Stay naked--domain naked, that is :-)

  4. Icy, I have seen a number of people lose their blogs and am keeping my fingers crossed. I am not making money, but enjoy blogging when time permits. I do not understand how to correct issues with blogger. I asked to leave Google+ because some readers told me they could not comment. I'm still in it. I try to use page break and it does not work, I have to use my cell phone to publish my comments and found a number of those in my spam box. I submitted a question to tech support and felt the response was demeaning - worded something like well we told you so; if you don't update to Google Chrome this will happen. I use Google Chrome and have for ages so what kind of answer is this? I think they are too big for their britches.

    1. Judy, because I took on paid posts, and advertisers only wanted domain name, so I went for it..Now, I think it's not worth the trouble..

      I still don't know much about Google +; I have an account, but there are just too many other accounts already to be bothered by another one.


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