Friday, September 13, 2013

Translation Service Agency

Have you ever found yourself in need of a translation service or known someone who might? Years ago when I was freelance as a translator, I have a list of Vietnamese clients that wanted some types of important documents to be translated into English all the time.

I can tell you, it is a timid work trying to find the correct words or the proper words to match from one language to another. Since translation was not my expertise, I would do the best I can but often with frustrations and displeases with the working hours I had to put in.

This stressed me out to no end, and I made a decision to stop offering this service. I referred all my clients to a translation agency as I cannot leave them in a lurk . Their knowledge and specialty would give my clients better, faster, and more professional attention than I could.

They were happy that I could find them a reliable service to translate their important documents. With today technology, the world is constantly evolving and intermingling from one country to another; thus, having an agency who can handle different languages with accuracy is such a great thing to have. Registered & Protected



  1. Translation is so essential! When I was a forensic nurse, it was, sometimes, a problem doing our rape cases. The victim advocates were not supposed to translate so, sometimes, it was the police who would do it for us ( not good, either ) - or a nurse, who spoke the needed language, might have to be called from whatever floor on which she help us. Sometimes, we would even have go call an AT & T translator.

  2. wit today's global world, translation services are really very helpful

  3. Our language is essential for us to understand each other. If we can't understand what we are reading then it is a very big problem most especially with regards to contract and business. That is why I believe that having a good translation services is really essential. Hiring a good, reliable and trusted company that offers these services is truly vital.


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