Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Brown Dragonfly

Spending enough time outside I often spotted things that is just worth the chase, and this dragonfly was one of those moments that exciting to try going after. It seemed to love the warm of sun light from that little rock.

It was quite fun following this dragonfly as it landed here and there in areas with sunshine. I noticed the brown spots on this dragonfly were sort of square in shape and took the center of the wings.

I haven't learned much about the different species of dragonflies, but my last post about the brown dragonfly had pointy brown spots at the tip of the wings.

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  1. It's pretty. I've never seen a brown one. The ones here are blue or red.

  2. Pretty captures of the dragonfly. They can be hard to catch, moving around quickly. Great shots. Have a happy week!

  3. This one is pretty too and I find dragonflies as fascinating as butterflies. There are so many varieties, I have a hard time identifying one from another too.

  4. How nice to see them up close! They are so unique looking, with their four wings. And such big eyes! They used to terrify me as a child!

  5. I think learning all the dragonflies would be a challenge...but a FUN one. :)


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