Sunday, October 27, 2013

Putting On A Show

She came to the feeder, looking that way, looking this way, looking up, looking down, making faces at me and she waited for her turn at the feeder. I didn't know how chubby she was until she sat up straight.

I am not sure if it is the reserved fat for winter that I saw on this pretty female cardinal, or if she carrying eggs. She was quite heavy looking when she sat straight up.

I love watching birds at my feeders and feeding them is a pleasure. I only wish the bird seeds are not so high in price since the squirrels devout them first and foremost. And sparrows, sparrows can eat, A LOT!

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  1. I have feeders too. Yesterday a downy woodpecker came for a quick visit. Mostly I get gold finches and chickadees, and of course....sparrows. Love your chubby cardinal. I guess she was getting ready for nesting.

  2. Put up a "No Entry, Squirrel" signage and this unwanted friend will go way.

  3. She sure does look chubby. Chubby but cute.

  4. she does look like having eggs inside or she needs a little workout like me. lol

  5. Pretty shots of your chubby Cardinal! Have a happy week!

  6. Such a darling and plump little miss! You certainly caught in her action and she appears to have personality plus!

  7. We love watching the feeders when the seasons change! You got some wonderful photos of this cute cardinal!

  8. She is a rather chubby specimen and I have a squirrel problem too. Even if they can't get seed from the feeder itself, they're all over the ground.

  9. What a sweet chubby little fluff ball! If you have feeders on poles you can put baffles on them and the squirrels can't climb them. It's saved me a fortune in seed. I do put out peanuts for the squirrels though!

  10. You have make lovely photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  11. What a pretty visitor to your bird feeder.

  12. It just looks like this lovely was all fluffed out with her feathers to keep her warmer...they do that all Winter and you took some sweet shots of your friend~

  13. I doubt it was eggs. But she might have been molting.

  14. Oh what a sweetie! You have captured her expressions so perfectly! We have had to give up the feeders for fear of attracting bears... :(


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