Sunday, October 6, 2013

Special Jewelry and Saree Designs

My daughter's girlfriend from college is getting married at the end of October in Upper Peninsula, and the timing could not be any better. With the fall colors of leaves and cooler weather, it will be a gorgeous setting for the big event.

As one of the bridesmaids, my daughter is in charge of finding Bridal Jewellery for the wedding party. There are some really beautiful jewelry pieces she found on Crafts Villa website, specialized in India designs!

The wedding theme has a touch of India, and the bridesmaids want to focus on being exotic by wearing Bollywood Sarees after the ceremony! It would be so much fun for these girls to enjoy time together, and do that one last memorable thing as single girls.

Designer Sarees are fancier and the designs are just outstanding, but the girls don't want to be that formal! I love traditional costumes from different countries. They are very unique and incredibly special.

Every wedding has a different theme, and my daughter's friend wedding is the first one that I know has an India theme. The popular theme is Hawaii, but that would be wrong for the area that we are in. I am sure the bridesmaid will love the jewelry sets that she found on this website. Registered & Protected



  1. You daughter has quite the eye for jewelry and I think they will work perfectly for the theme of the wedding. What a refreshing change from the norm. I do hope you will follow up with some photos, my friend:)

    1. I might not get to see the photos since my daughter is really bad in this department, and she also lives in Chicago. Won't be see her often enough, and when we do see each other, we would forget all about this already :-)

  2. Freakishly Fabulous Find on your daughter's part, Icy. The jewelry is a perfect addition to the wedding theme :)

    1. I went on the site, and they have some fabulous jewelry pieces for sure!


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