Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Welcome to Autumn

We are half way through a new week and very much in Autumn. The trees around my neighborhood started to lose their leaves and have been changing colors.

Many houses have also decorated their front yard for Halloween trick or treat. It is a fun season. It is a beautiful time.

My youngest child is already 14, so he will be going out with his buddies for fun. We are not doing any decorating outside or inside. Our house has no extra storage space to accommodate every seasonal decoration.

I also have no man-power to do all the climbing, hanging or arranging. I admire people who found joy in decorating their surrounding to highlight each holiday.

Thus, my two questions for this week are below:

1) Are you an enthusiast decorator?

2) Will you be home handing out candy?

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  1. Fall is my favorite much happening around the birch trees are starting to change...they are so pretty this time of year! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I admire those with the time, energy and money. I get out of work at 6 and have a doctor's appointment that evening. Its getting darker earlier already ...

  3. We should decorate, but we haven't. We have the same decorations for every year, just change it out a little bit, put it in different places. :-)
    Yes, we always do, Trinity likes to give out candy more than she likes to go and get them. haha, so we look forward to handing candy out every year.

  4. I decorate at Christmas time and that's about it. Although we do have a few decorations for Thanksgiving - but nothing major.


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