Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Front Porch Made Over

My oldest son came home from his cruise ship job for two months, and strange things happened. He suddenly took charge and became a handyman. Well, sort of!

He bought grass seeds to grow in the front yard, where the pine tree and "stink tree" shaded the entire area. He then ripped off the old carpet on the porch, and replaced with new one.

I must say, I am impressed!

He even bought a plant and a hanging flower basket (purple and white petunia).

Since the old carpet had been there way before us, it had seen its days, and had left its mark on the concrete.

My son scrapped it off, cleaned up and washed the porch before laying down the new carpet.

He kept telling me "now you have a nice porch to sit and do whatever."

As the weather has it in for us, we only get to sit there on the afternoon that he finished the work. We are back with colder temperature, wind and rain.

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  1. what a make over, so beautiful, love love the new look and design. makes me wish we have a porch too.

  2. It all looks so nice and colourful. A great porch to sit on :)

  3. That is a very nice and comfortable area.

  4. It looks wonderful. Does he want to visit "Aunt Judy"? lol (I'll pay)


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