Saturday, November 2, 2013

Perfect Top Hat

Usually after the rain, I found so many different mushrooms growing around the yard, and I love the chance to get down on my knees to photograph them. They were fascinating to see.

The patterns, shapes and colors are all different upon a closer look! They often lasted for a few days and then gone without a trace. People refer to them as fungi but I like the sound of mushroom better.

Winter is on its way and no longer can I see these beauties in the yard! They are the perfect little top-hats of summer.

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  1. I like the top hats for summer! What fun to go exploring and find these!

  2. I agree that mushrooms are fascinating plants. Did you see any fairies while photographing them?

  3. I love your mushrooms! I find them quite fascinating, too. You did a great job with the camera.

  4. Gorgeous mushrooms.
    I've just remembered I found some in my garden recently - I think they came in with the mushroom compost but I forgot to take a photo!!
    Have a happy week.

  5. I love toadstools and you have pictured them so pretty. I find them difficult to photograph

  6. I like seeing mushrooms on my lawn - they are so interesting. Your photos are great. Hope your week is full of joy.

  7. Very cute. Mushrooms are a very, very rare sight here.

  8. Oh, I love these little top hats! Mushrooms have always fascinated me too! Great photos!

  9. I can't believe how cute the mushrooms look! Such smooth texture.


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