Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Talk Or Text?

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With so many different ways for us to communicate nowadays, such as chat through gmail, chat on FaceBook, Yahoo messenger, messaging on Twitter, Skype, email, and text on mobile phone, I realize that I don't do that much "talking" anymore.

Even with my close neighbor who lives virtually down the street, we only text when there is an important thing to talk about. Other than that, we barely see each other for months. Have we all become introverts with technology availability? Who needs to talk when we can just type a short sentence, and be done with!

Yup, I am guilty as heck! I even text JoJo when he is upstairs to come down instead of yelling for his name! I chose to order take-out online so I don't have to make the call and talk to the real person. If there were a text option, I probably would go for that too.

Not only I became lazy in talking/communicating, I became even more of an introvert person in which my world is the "virtual online world". What about you?

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  1. And so your fingers must be very much stronger than your mouth, and tongue.

    1. Haha..
      You "betcha"...I am already taking a vow of silent, so this works out great for me :-)

  2. Hm, thoughts to ponder. I guess we are all hooked to our phones/computers. I am not sure whether that's good or bad.

  3. The same goes on in our household, especially when we have two stories…it's just a lot easier.


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