Sunday, January 5, 2014

Junco In the Yard

Looking out my mud room's window, I saw this very dark feather bird on the white snow. I didn't know junco hanging around during the winter months here in Michigan.

I like this photo best, as the junco looks as if it was standing on a top of a snow mountain in the Arctic. We had quite a bit of snow for the New Year, and still receiving more today.

With such dark feathers, the junco really pops on that pretty white snow. I love watching bird in my yard. I am limited to only a few kinds, but they do bring happiness nevertheless.

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  1. Phenomenal photos. That bird looks so pretty in the snow.

  2. Very pretty sight for today. I have not ventured outside. It's still snowing and you can't even tell we had it shoveled!!

  3. Cute shots of the Junco..They must love the snow and winter..Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. Nice photos of the junco, they only appear in our yard over winter and leave again in the spring.

  5. Your Juncos are beautiful in the snow and a welcome site in these cold months!

  6. What a nice find! Very nice photos of his also.

  7. Lucky you! You are blessed with these visits from the innocent(?) birds.


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