Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lady In Waiting

She came at the same time as her partner, but the male downy woodpecker was a meaner and had no manner. He took over the feeder, and she had to hang around waiting for her turn.

She seemed impatient, looking this way and that! But she did give me enough time to snap a few photos. I love watching woodpeckers, and have many suets on hands for the next couple of months.

When the male woodpecker left, she had her share of seeds and I was glad she stayed a while until she had enough.

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  1. Some men are so rude :) Have a wonderful week Icy.

  2. Lol. She is an adorable looking bird.

  3. Ohmygosh! you are so blessed to be able to see all these beautiful birds. It's like me seeing my fish, lol, but inside the house where it is warm. hehe

  4. I love Downy woodpeckers. These are very nice captures! They do like the suet, don't they? :-)



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