Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tanning Hawk

This was the second time I saw the hawk this year. It was tanning in the warm sun and probably scanning for prey. I shot the photos through my laundry room's window.

I tried to come outside as quietly as I could, but it looked back at me. We both eyed each other for a couple second, and then the hawk flew away.

From what I can see through this picture, I think it is such a beautiful hawk and I love that copper feather it carries.

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  1. Cool sighting of the Hawk! They are neat visitors as long as they do not hang around..Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh gosh, just gorgeous plumage!

  3. It sure has beautiful feathers....all shades of color! Great photos! Such a pretty mosaic! Hugs!

  4. How handsome he is! I'd never get my laundry done with that view out the window! Beautifully put together mosaic !

  5. He is just awesome. What gorgeous shots.

  6. Terrific shot. Love, love the fine feathered friends.

  7. Gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk and how wonderful it came so close to your home. I adore Raptors, as you can tell from my blogs name~

  8. What beautiful plumage! He's a beauty!



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