Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ward Off the Risk of Stroke With Coffee and Green Tea

I have known very few people that don’t drink at least a cup of coffee in the morning. It is the fuel that gets our body moving! It is the oil that soothes out the knots. Without a cup of coffee when I wake up, my day will be a mess!

Caffeine makes me jitter and my stomach churns but I still must have a cup a day. I've switched to half and half, which means half caffeine and half decaf and it worked out so much better for my stomach.

In recent news, researchers in Japan found that drinking one cup of coffee a day will lower the risk of STROKE by 20 percent! Adding two cups of green tea to your daily regiment and the RISK OF STROKE will also help lower it 14 percent.

It is better to have the coffee and green tea drink as your intake rather just one or another. These two drink combination aid in different ways.

• The catechin, an antioxidant agent in green tea contains anti-clotting effects
• The chlorogenic acid in coffee helps minimize your chances of developing type 2 diabetes

So drink up! One cup of coffee and two cups of green tea a day will help you ward off the risk of having stroke. We need all the help we can get to protect yourself!

1) Do you drink coffee everyday?

2) Knowing this, will be drinking green tea and coffee more often?

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  1. I drink a cup of decaf coffee everyday. I also have decaf green tea. Decaf is all I need since it isn't extra virgin...I can still feel the caffeine even though it is decaf.
    Yes. I am doing this based on this info from you. Thanks!

  2. I drink both. Usually, when I first up get up in the morning while I wait for DH to leave for work I will have a cup of hot green tea...sometimes black tea, but most often green and then I will have a couple of cups of coffee. A recent study pointed out that caffeine in coffee has increases a person's short-term memory. No, I don't think I will drink more than I currently am given this information. I think will all things moderation is the key. In a few years, scientists will learn something new about green tea or coffee so I will just will have these beverages as the mood arises or as my health dictates. Good insight to share,though!

  3. I don't like tea and I rarely drink coffee because it makes me hyper :( But I suppose I can start to drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day.

  4. But I am one of the rares that seldom drink coffee.

  5. Gee I honestly do not drink coffee and seldom drink tea. Having read this I think I am going to catch up on their benifits I've been missing! :)


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